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Transducers for pressure measurement in all industrial applications

A pressure transducer is an electronic device that transforms a physical variable (pressure) into an electrical signal (current or voltage), acquired by various control, measurement and regulation devices such as controllers or PLCs.
Gefran sensors are capable of measuring fluid and gas pressure in all applications required by the industry.
The Gefran Group relies on a unit dedicated exclusively to the design and production of a full range of sensors capable of measuring pressure, displacement, force, humidity and temperature.
Based on know-how gained over years of activity in the field of sensors, Gefran guarantees:

  • Total control of the production process, from the design of the  sensitive element to the production of precision mechanical parts, ensuring high standards of quality, reliability and precision of the finished product.
  • The constant updating of technologies and solutions meets the specific needs of the customer. Automated production lines use sophisticated pressure controllers making it possible to work with gas at an absolute pressure of up to 40 bar and oil up to 5000 bar.
  • Effective product research and development. Gefran offers a complete range of measurement from 0…50 mbar to 0…5000bar, for relative and absolute pressures.

The industrial pressure sensors technologies

Gefran has developed the know-how to produce sensitive elements based on the following technologies in its Technological Pole

Thick film on steel technology

Using the “screen printing process” technique, the insulating layers (dielectric), the conductive layer (cermet) and the resistive layer are deposited on the steel membrane to create the “Wheatstone bridge”.
The thickness of the membrane determines the measurement range, and the step-by-step transition from 200°C to 900°C makes the sensor extremely robust and reliable.

Extensimetric technology

“Glued strain gauge” technology, originally developed by Gefran, is one of the most widely used methods in the construction of pressure sensors for its versatility of application, reliability and precision. The measuring element (resistance) consists of an ultra-thin sheet of metal alloy, chemically etched using the process employed in printed circuit boards. It is glued to the steel diaphragm using sophisticated techniques following careful positioning of the strain gauge to ensure perfect adhesion to the surface and the necessary linearity.

Silicon piezoresistive technology

Silicon piezoresistive technology is characterized by the complex and delicate step of installing the chip (solid state Wheatstone bridge) in the metal substrate and the metal separation membrane, interposing silicone insulation oil (filling) in a vacuum. With this technology, the measurement range of Gefran sensors can also be very low (0-50 mbar), with high precision and overpressure capability.


SIL2: functional safety

The new KS series represents the best solution for all applications, both hydraulic and pneumatic, requiring a pressure transducer and offering not only competitive price but also high performance and reliability.
The KS series is supplied with SIL2 certification according to IEC/EN 62061 in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The KH series for applications on mobile vehicles and the KX series for potentially explosive areas are also available with the same SIL2 certification.

ATEX: intrinsically safe

Gefran’s range of pressure sensors includes pressure transmitters in ATEX versions ideal for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres.

ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU refers to electrical and mechanical equipment and protective systems that can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres (flammable gases, vapours and dusts), even under extreme conditions. The KX series is II1G Ex ia IIC T4, T5 and T6 certified and covers measurement ranges of ± 1 bar at 0…1000bar, with operation from -40°C to
+80°C. To guarantee maximum safety and reliability, the KX series is also SIL2 (Functional Safety) certified, and is therefore applicable in safety equipment that can be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres.