Vision und Werte

Gefran ist stark im Bereich der industriellen Automatisierung und der technologischen Innovation verwurzelt. Wir arbeiten intensiv und motiviert an der Entwicklung hocheffektiver Lösungen und bauen Beziehungen auf, die erfolgreich und nachhaltig sind

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Maria Chiara Franceschetti


“Who we are, what we want, and how we do it: this is the Gefran way. A compass to guide ourselves and also
a yardstick to measure the coherence between what we say and what we do.”

Beyond Technology

Beyond technology is the essence of Gefran: the one that manages to convey the meaning of its work, of its presence, and all that it brings with it. What does this tagline mean to us? To value all that is “behind” the technology is to go beyond technology, beyond the Product, beyond the response to the needs of companies, with a prospective view of anticipating the market of tomorrow.

Our promise

Gefran is strongly rooted in industrial automation and technological innovation endeavors.
We are attentive and motivated in identifying highly effective solutions, building relationships that are successful and sustainable.
This is our strength.

We collaborate with organizations invested in improving technological processes, with individuals committed to their professional, talent and competence development, and with stakeholders dedicated to working together to enhance the community and its surroundings.
This is our world.

This is the Gefran way!