Gefran presents the new GRZ-H series of ultra compact three-phase solid-state relays

Ideal solution for controlling three-phase loads in electrical heating

GRZ-H series

The new SSR’s GRZ-H series stands as the perfect solution for controlling electric heaters, in industrial heating applications in three-phase configuration. This ultra compact range is available in a wide range of current sizes from 10A to 75A, combined with safe and efficient Zero Crossing (ZC) mode control.

The GRZ-H series is configured to control two or three legs of a heating circuit. While three-leg breaks are commonly used, the two-leg option generates less heat in the electrical panel.

The GRZ-H series monitors and prevents system failures, and it reduces the risk of costly downtime and material waste. To improve uptime, this controller has a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) over-temperature alarm, it monitors line voltage for failures, it has fuse break protection, and load interruptions are monitored and displayed clearly for users.